Top 10 Most Useful Gadgets 2019

1. Apple iPhone XS Max

This phone is my daily driver and I can do literally everything on there. I use it all the time and can do everything from watching videos, to searching the web, to connecting with friends. This is truly my most useful device due to the multitude of things that I can do with it. While it is an expensive device, the large OLED screen is absolutely stunning and a device I will be continuing to use for a while. It has a great battery life too, and the ability to wireless charge makes everything that little bit sweeter. Lastly, it has a brilliant camera that is able to catch all of the beautiful moments in life almost instantly.

Check it out here

2. Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro is a truly amazing device. Microsoft have perfected the balance of a large screen size to making it light. It is easy to carry around and the tablet is extremely versatile. The keyboard is very easy to use and surprisingly I love the pen input – I use it very regularly and it is extremely natural for writing and making quick notes. It is a quick machine and covers all the bases necessary for blogging, note taking, emailing or any other task you might throw at it!

Check it out here

3. Apple Watch

My Apple Watch allows me to constantly keep up to date with my notifications on social media, any news notifications or even listening to music while out running (without my phone). My Apple Watch has a great personal trainer in the form of Streaks Workout, which I use daily to keep my fit. It houses so much information in a tiny package that makes it one of my most useful gadgets of 2019.

Check it out here


4. Apple Airpods

After first getting the Airpods I remember people making fun of me, but in reality they were missing out as these were probably the most useful headphones I’ve every bought. They take away cables that are just constantly in the way, switch between devices seamlessly and they are so light you can sometimes forget they are even in your ears! They also have some useful smart features like double tapping to activate commands and the fact that if you take one of them out the music automatically stops.

Check them out here

5. Apple AirPower Replica

When I ordered this product from China off AliExpress I really didn’t have really high expectations but this product is one of the most useful things I ever bought. The fact that it can charge my phone, watch and airpods at the same time is so useful and practical which is exactly why its on this list.

Check it out here

6. ESR Wireless Charger

This charger is one of the most useful pieces of tech I own. The thing I love about it is that I can constantly see my phone screen on my desk as the wireless charger allows my phone to stand up. Perfect for quickly accessing my phone.

Check it out here


7. Xiaomi Mi Box

The Xiaomi Mi Box is my choice of android box which I use on a daily basis to keep up with Netflix, use IPTV and watch YouTube. It’s a great Box and extremely easy to use.

Check it out here

8. Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is a tiny piece of tech but it is incredibly useful to me. I can get the weather, turn off lights, or play music purely using the power of my voice – extremely futuristic and elegantly designed too. Here’s also my review on this and the google home.

Check it out here

9. Samsung Smart TV 55 Inch

I love the Samsung smart TV due to how thin it is and the fact that it has its own app and App Store built directly into the TV OS. It is great for just watching a quick YouTube video.

Check it out here

10. iPad Mini

When I got my iPad mini I didn’t quite realise the extent of its usefulness. I use it for books, watching videos or just to do some googling. Absolutely love it.

Check it out here


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