Best Amazon Black Friday Deals 2020

Amazon currently has some amazing discounts available to you as a result of it being Black Friday today. I usually will waffle on in the introduction about any number of things (my mind wanders), but today I want to get straight into the products. I am going to just put down all the products that I think have phenomenal deals – and these are going to be in no particular order. I also want to say that some of these links below are amazon affiliate links (so if you use them and end up purchasing something, then I will earn a tiny percentage of that…So I’m hoping that you are generous on the lead up to Christmas! ;).

Apple AirPods Pro – ONLY $169.99

Honestly, this is a great deal. I wish I hadn’t purchased mine when they first came out – as I ended up spending closer to $250 (I live in Europe). Despite the rather large initial outlay, these are by far the best earphones on the market. The fit seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem, as well as offering a variety of modes (off, transparency and noise cancelling). How they managed to get noise cancelling into these tiny earphones I will never know, but it works very well. The transparency mode is still even more mind boggling to me though. I can’t fully explain it but you essentially hear your music and the outside world as well. It is pretty surreal. Either way, for $169.99 this is a deal that you really can’t miss out on!

Apple AirPods Pro Review

Amazon FireStick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote – $29.99

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K review: perfecte Prime-toegang?

If you want to turn your standard tv into a smart tv, then this device is for you. Actually, I take that back – if you just want your tv to have more functionality, THEN this is the device for you. It allows you to access all your media and download additional applications that allow you to do a variety of other things. Either way you can rest assured that the experience that you will have from using this device will be flawless. Maybe it won’t compare to something like the Nvidia Shield – but it’s also a 1/5th of the price! If you enjoy consuming any sort of media (Netflix, HBO, Youtube, Sling, Disney+, Apple TV+, etc.) then this is the best purchase you can make on Black Friday 2020.

Qi-Certified 3-in-1 Wireless Charger – $25

These products are some of the most underrated technology products that you can buy in my opinion. I am a little biased though, as I really hate having a load of cables. These charging stands can charge your Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods all at once. You don’t have to wait for one to finish charging to start charging the other – just pop them all on there when you go to sleep, and wake up with everything fully charged. The discount may only be $5, but you will get a well-built charger that won’t break on you within the next year!

Keep in mind that it is only compatible with the following devices:

Kindle Paperwhite – $85

The best value Kindle that you can buy, the Kindle Paperwhite, has had it’s price slashed from $130 to a mere $85! Which is a VERY solid bargain. It is thinner and lighter than the previous Kindle models, as well as being waterproof. Also don’t be put off by the 8GB storage option – books are far smaller files than any sort of media (so 8GB should be plenty!). Just be aware that Amazon sells 2 versions, ‘with ads’ and ‘without ads’. With the first option you will pay a lower price initially, but you will then receive ads on the home screen and library page. So if you can afford it I would go for the 2nd option (however the ads really aren’t that intrusive).

Meet the all-new Kindle Paperwhite

Samsung 50″ UHD 4K TV – $377

This 50 inch TV is a steal at $377. If you enjoy consuming media on a large screen (I love watching Friends on Netflix in my spare time), then you should really consider this. Maybe you could even do a combo of this and the Amazon FireStick 4K, which would be a great way to spend just over $400. Either way, you will end up marvelling at this TV, whether it be from the image quality or the design of the actual TV. Let me just tell you that you won’t be disappointed with this deal.

TU8000 Crystal UHD TV


These are the top 5 deals that I think you should check out this year – but do your own searching, as this is just my personal opinion! These products are currently discounted pretty heavily so now is the time to buy them, but if you wait, then that’s okay too. Theres no perfect time to buy anything that applies to everyone. If you are struggling to put food on the table, then maybe a $400 TV isn’t a good idea. Either way, be rational and keep your priorities straight on this Black Friday.

As usual guys, thanks again for reading my content. I am a long way from being a big blogger, so I really appreciate anyone that comes to the site and takes the time to read anything. Let me know how I could improve your lives with what I write about.

Peace out.


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