Disappointed about Apple AirPower? I think I’ve found effectively the same thing….

I was also one of those people that were extremely disappointed as I own an iPhone XS Max (which has wireless charging), an apple watch and airpods – so I was very excited about its release. Then I was disappointed by Apple, which doesn’t usually happen. They didn’t release Apple AirPower and it doesn’t look like they will for a while.

So at this point I launched myself into a search for something that would have a similar function, and I found some on AliExpress. I really do hate having lots of cables, so I wanted something that would easily be able to charge all 3 devices. I ordered this one for only $22 it is also a great deal compared to what Apple’s AirPower may have cost. Anyway, I ordered the product and it arrived after 2 weeks which is quite impressive for AliExpress.


First thing that I noticed is that it came in a brilliantly, Apple-esque package which I’ve shown below. The package looked clean and minimalist adhering to Apple’s usual style. Fortunately, I had done my reading and was also aware that the product did not come with an Apple Watch charger (which was fine as I already had one). It also had a small plastic thing that it came with, which I still do not see the use of. Lastly, along with the charger it has a small metal piece with a lighting adapter (which you will plug into your Apple Airpods for the magnetic function – NOTE: not the new airpods with wireless charging case). You also have to open up the wireless charger to put in the Apple Watch charger which really wasn’t made clear – but you kind of have to force it open, plug in the apple watch charger to the USB (inside the wireless charger),then just run the apple watch charger through and place the final wireless charger piece through the hole. Sounds tedious but I can guarantee that it is very straight forward.

The packaging the product arrived in.


First thing I notice after setting up the Apple AirPower replica is that it is extremely minimalist and clean, which is was indicated by the packaging. It has just one wire that comes from the charger and charges the 3 devices which is perfect, as it really cleaned up my bedside table. It also has LEDs embedded by the apple watch charger that alert you when your phone is charging – this took a few days to get used to but is actually very useful.

The AirPower Product – apologies as I took the photo with my phone!


The product does exactly what it said on Aliexpress and replicates Apple’s AirPower in what seems to be one of the best ways to do so. It obviously won’t exactly match the function of Airpower being able to charge all 3 devices wirelessly but still charges all 3 very easily.


For the price point, the functions and design you get from the product really makes it a worthwhile buy. As you can see from the images of my product, it is clean, minimalist and easy to use. It unifies 3 cables for 3 devices into one that can be more easily hidden. Therefore, if you are looking for a product that will be able to charge your iPhone (if it has wireless charging), airpods (not with wireless case) and your Apple Watch, I’d definitely give this product a try.

If you want more of these kinds of reviews and tutorials follow the blog!

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