About Me

Hey, I’m Josh! I created this website in order to be able to connect with the community and provide my honest opinions on technology, products and software. I have always been fascinated by technology, and creating this blog allowed me to talk to people about it whenever I want! Along the way, I also want to create detailed tutorials to problems that the community might have. I am fully open to any ideas, so use the contact me page if you have any ideas or perhaps are interested in writing for the page.

I am a fully time university student studying Economics, so occasionally I may slack as a result of assignments or exams, but I will always continue to provide you with new content. If you do like the content, feel free to join the email list. I will only send maximum 1 per week (most likely less, as I am usually pretty busy). Feel free to follow me and twitter and shoot me some messages, let’s build a community!