Apple has expanded its iPhone Recycling Plan

Apple has announced that they are expanding the iPhone Recycling Plan so will now include Best Buy Stores in the United States and KPM locations in the Netherlands, which will greatly increase the number of places where customers are able to return their old devices for proper recycling. In the past, you could only recycle and iPhone through an Apple Store or Apple’s Online Site.

Image result for daisy apple recycling robot

The company has developed a number of custom-build robots known as “Daisy” that disassembles recycled iPhones. Daisy can disassemble 15 different iPhone models as of now (increased from 9 in 2018). It can take apart 200 iPhones per hour. So far, Apple has claimed that nearly “1 million devices have been received through the Apple Recycling Programs” – hopefully this expansion can lead to more phones being recycled.

In addition to this, Apple has announced a new Material Recovery Lab in Austin, Texas, which will work to try and develop new recycling processes to improve on its existing recycling efforts so that Apple can make sure that it’s making the most out of each phone and reduces their waste in the future.


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