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Now that everyone is having to work from home, people are relying on their home offices in more ways than ever. Some people hate not being at the office and not being able to see people, yet others relish at the idea of taking your Zoom or Microsoft Teams call, in the comfort of your pyjamas. Either way, the majority of us have to bring ourselves to sit and work at our desks every day – so I thought I would make your life a little easier and bring you the best desk tech, that is actually worth your valuable money. Buying directly from AliExpress is where you will get the best bang for your buck, and I am always about saving you guys money!

Credit: Home Business Magazine

1. Flip Desk Clock – $58

So I put this one in, because who doesn’t love a bit of retro in a home office. Something more classic to match the more modern office look. Having this little clock sitting under your three monitor setup or under your beautiful Space Grey 5K Apple iMac, just adds a sort of necessary comparison to remind ourselves how far we have come technologically in the last 60 years or so. I also quite like having the seconds, minutes and hours on the clock. Something quite rare nowadays!

2. Laptop Stand – $12-15

Nowadays since so many people carry around a laptop as their daily driver, being able to be comfortable when you use your laptop at home, is a necessity. Having a laptop stand that allows you to angle the keyboard, allows some users to have a far better writing experience. This laptop stand can hold up to 15kg of weight due to the very smart triangular design, and as show below can easily be folded up – to make sure you don’t waste precious backpack space when you go out or travel. I also wanted to mention that the difference between the $12 and the $15 variant, is that the $15 laptop stand has 5 angles for the laptop, in comparison to the $12 variant which has 4.

3. Powerful Mini Desktop PC

Now this one definitely is not a necessity for everyone. let me say that now. Some people simply prefer to use only their laptops whenever they work, and I completely respect that. If that is you ignore this one. If not, I recommend you get one of these mini PCs, this can then just be plugged into an external monitor (which will likely be a much larger screen than your laptop screen), and then you have a brilliant home desktop. You would need a keyboard and mouse as well, but the main PC would be this monster. Now if you max out the options with Intel core i7 10510U processor, combined with 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD, this will cost you $635 (significantly less than a MacBook…). Now unless you need to do some serious photo or video editing, I really wouldn’t go with this model. My recommendation would be the Intel Core i7 7500U with the 16GB RAM and the 512GB SSD which costs significantly less at $465. If you need a fast mini PC for your home office, I would definitely get one of these.

4. Desktop Monitor – $100

Now to accompany either that powerful mini PC or your laptop, I recommend that you buy a beautiful monitor. Now I wanted to make it relatively cheap – so $100 for a decent monitor is the best that you will be able to find. At 24 inches the screen is quite large (in contrast, think of the 27 inch iMac as being slightly bigger), so you shouldn’t have any issues with the screen real estate. The monitor accepts a HDMI input and so all you need to start using this with the mini PC is a HDMI cable. If Your laptop doesn’t have a HDMI port, such as a MacBook or most other laptops, get an adapter so that you can plug in a HDMI cable (like this one for a Macbook).

5. Wireless Charging Phone Stand – $20

Now, on this list, this is probably one of the most essential pieces of technology for your home office desk. This is a wireless charging stand that allows you to have your phone charging while still being able to easily see the screen. This is really useful for if you receive a lot of messages on your phone while working throughout the day. This works well with phones that use Face ID especially, as you never have to readjust your face to get it to unlock. Bases is a great brand, and sometimes paying slightly more for a good brand is better (remember, you get what you pay for!). Another really nice feature about this wireless phone charging stand is that it can go from standing to a flat wireless charger very quickly due to the hinge mechanism. It comes in two colours (white and black), and will look great in any set up.


All of these pieces of tech can enable you to have an awesome, technological, home office setup. Having a good home office is more essential than ever, and it is worth investing now – because a lot of us may begin working from home more after the pandemic is over. If you are enjoying these kind of posts let me know, and if you have any requests I am open to them in the comments below.

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