REVIEW: Should you buy the AirPods Pro?

I told you guys i would be writing more frequently now! So today I wanted to share my personal experiences with Apple’s AirPods Pro, and tell you what I truly think. I was an avid user of Apples 1st generation AirPods, so as soon as I saw these I was immediately interested. What piqued my interest even more was the awaited noise cancelling that the AirPods provided. How they managed to fit noise cancelling into such a tiny package baffled me, and I preferably want to try something like this out. Despite the large price tag ($250 in US and €279 in Europe), these were something I just had to experience.

I headed to the Apple Store to try and buy myself a pair of these AirPods Pro, but unfortunately they had sold out. Instead I went online and ordered them. Finally the day arrived where they came, and I haven’t been that excited to open a package in a while. Wow. Just like with every apple product the box is sleek and well packaged. The minimalism that they use is what I love.

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The box contained the AirPods Pro themselves, a variety of other sized silicon earbuds, the wireless charging case for the AirPods and a newly added USB-C to Lightning cable (however it does not include a wall adapter rather annoyingly). Immediately after getting the AirPods out of the box and opening the wireless charging case I noticed one thing that would take time to get used to – how you take the earphones out of the wireless charging case… The best way to take them out of the case is to put your finger behind the AirPods (towards the back of the case), and then just push them towards the front of the case and they just pop out. Putting them back into the case can also sometimes be quite difficult, however there is a knack to it and it becomes far more natural.

The AirPods themselves are a beautiful piece of technology. The integration into the Apple Ecosystem is as strong as ever, and it works seamlessly with iPhones and MacBooks. This is evidenced by the fact that everything can be controlled from simply the Control Centre of your iPhone. For example, once the AirPods are connected, you are able to force touch the volume bar in control centre and it will bring up three options. These options include: ‘off’, ‘transparency’ and ‘Noise Cancellation’. Firstly, ‘off’ basically means that the AirPods Pro just work as the older versions of AirPods do. ‘Transparency’ is a pretty interesting mode too, as it is like partial noise cancellation – it is perfect for walking around or cycling, as it only allows noise that you need to hear in (like cars, sirens, etc.). Lastly, ‘Noise Cancellation’ is obviously the most interesting feature, and it blocks out the majority of noise (it works best with sounds like trains or airplanes due to the consistency of the noise, but works very well with people too – sometimes my friends would be shouting at me and I couldn’t hear a word). One thing to note is that the noise cancellation features only work if both AirPods are in, rather than just one.

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Since we are discussing integration, they work perfectly with the battery widget on the iPhone too. The battery life of these AirPods is another area where the earphones continues to impress. These earphones can go for around a week without needing to be recharged, if you just put them back in the case after use (which I recommend you do in order to avoid them being lost). The case itself charges very quickly too – especially if you use a USB-C wall adapter (not included) with the USB-C to lightning cable. However, more amazingly, the earphones themselves charge at a crazy rate, which can be seen below: ‘5 minutes in the case provides around 1 hour of listening time’. YES a mere 5 minutes….

The last thing that must be mentioned is how easy it is to use the earphones, as you can customise what the press and hold does (according to Left or Right AirPod) in the settings. This is done by connecting the AirPods to your iPhone and then going to settings > Bluetooth > click the little ‘i’ logo (information) on AirPods Pro in the list > then select either ‘Right’ or ‘Left’ under the Press and Hold title in order to customise it. While in the settings, it is also useful to mention that within settings there is a Ear Tip Fit button, that tests how well the silicon tips fit your ear. This is a great feature, although, it said that both the Small and Medium sized tips fit (perhaps in the future it will be able to work out the ideal best fit). You can use the ‘squeeze’ function of the AirPods Pro in order to activate other commands. This may sound weird but in reality works better than the double tap feature seen on the old AirPods. Other ‘squeeze’ options are also shown below:

There are a few other things that make the AirPods pro worth the money. The AirPods Pro are also water and sweat resistant with a rating of IPX4. The AirPods can also be used with other devices by holding down the small button on the back of the AirPods Wireless Charging case, which puts it in pairing mode. Lastly, the AirPods Pro (like the older versions) can also use the Live Listen feature (which can be added to the control centre in settings). This basically allows the AirPods to act as a hearing aid, as it uses the microphones in the AirPods to increase the volume of what people are saying by piping it directly into your ear.

Overall, despite the high price tag, the addition of noise cancellation, amongst other features makes the Airpods pro well worth the buy. The greta fit of the earphones, in combined with the noise cancellation, Apple System integration, and the accessibility features, make the upgrade from the 1st generation AirPods seem rather necessary.

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