Best Cheap Electric Toothbrush

Sometimes in tech we forget the technology that is present in our every day lives. The tech of appliances that are integral to our health. It was when my mum received a fancy toothbrush over Christmas, that it struck me… why would I pay over $100 for a toothbrush from Oral-B or one of the other big brands, when I can get a similar functionality for a fraction of the price?

So as you are probably thinking, I headed over to AliExpress and found this bad boy. It appeared to have similar functionality to the more expensive toothbrushes. So for around $23 I ordered it and around two weeks later it arrived at my door.

As you can see in the photo, the product looks like it consists of a considerable amount of plastic and looks rather cheap to say the least. However, upon arrival I experienced what I tend to usually do with Aliexpress – that the product exceeded my expectations.


The toothbrush surprisingly feels extremely well made and comes well packaged (as long as you haven’t had FedEx delivering it ;). I read through a variety of the claims that the product page made and they made me even more curious to see what this toothbrush can actually do. The first thing that intrigued me was the battery, the product page claimed that it would last a month after being charged once fully – so as soon as it arrived and I got it out the box I put it straight on charge (with the charger that they included inside the box – thank you). Unfortunately the charger isn’t micro-usb or usb-c, so losing this could be annoying. Nevertheless I charged it up pretty quickly, taking only around 45 mins.

After playing around with the case that it comes with (if it comes with a case it has already gotta feel pretty premium to be honest). The only frustration that was apparent is that the toothbrush head needs to be removed to put the whole toothbrush in the case, however this is only a minor annoyance given how cheap this toothbrush is when compared to other alternatives such as the Genius line of Oral-B toothbrushes. The nicest touch so far has to be the fact that they included a toothbrush head cover! Now that is crazy for only $22… I don’t know what I was expecting but that definitely wasn’t it.

The next step when you get that new product is to test it, so as usual (not), at 12pm that day, I turned the toothbrush on. As someone who doesn’t read manuals, I quickly felt as though I probably should have read the manual. This guy was vibrating so faster than I could have imagine – their 40,000 vibrations per second statistic was no lie at all. So this toothbrush is just going and I put it up onto my teeth, and it kind of felt like a dentist was cleaning them. Sounds weird, but to me thats the sign of a good toothbrush.

Toothbrush vibrations

Now that was all well and good, but I wanted to try out some of these other modes rather than the basic ‘clean’. This machine has ‘polish’, ‘massage’, ‘whiten’, and ‘sensitive’ (if its all just a bit overwhelming for you). Switching between these caused me utter confusion at first, but after playing around with the buttons for a while, I got there. Basically, you press the button to turn it on, and then relatively quickly after, if you hit the button again it switches modes (so its about how long you wait after clicking the button).

These photos above are what I received

Overall, the toothbrush is a brilliant alternative cheap electric toothbrush (that also looks fancy). It can be delivered in around two weeks for a fraction of the price and can keep those pearly whites….. well white… Despite the fact the toothbrush head needs to be removed or the fact that switching modes is tedious – this toothbrush is great.

P.s. Sorry I’ve not been writing loads and it will get far more common now. Would love to start more discussions about products and will keep these reviews funny and short (cause to be honest everyone is really busy in this world). Subscribe below if you enjoy the content –

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