The Easiest Way to Save Money on Paper: LCD Tablet Review

Due to the fact that the world is continually suffering from deforestation, I decided to get a small LCD tablet to do my writing on. This purchase came as a result of a bad habit I noticed whenever I was working, which was where I would use a piece of paper once and then just throw it away, as I no longer needed it. To get rid of this bad habit I found this.

This image shows the LCD writing tablet that I am reviewing.

When do I Use It?

I mainly use it when I need to quickly calculate something or if I just need to write some small notes. I keep the tablet on the side of my desk, and use it for any thoughts too or sometimes a to-do list. You can use this tablet simply as a notepad as that is what it basically replaces. Answering this question is somewhat difficult as effectively it is like asking a person “what do you use a notepad for?”, the only difference being is that nothing is saved – so effectively this is like scrap paper. Any time when you realise that you will not be needing the paper afterwards, is when you should use it.

What is it like to write with?

Writing with the tablet seems very comfortable. Having the pen allows for natural hand movements that enable your writing to be interpreted precisely as if it were hand written. The writing is easily readable when in light, however there is no backlight to the product, so – like paper – it cannot be seen in the dark. Many reviews that I have seen have stated that it is very easy to produce small art sketches on this (unfortunately as I am not an artist myself, I would rather tell you guys about the experiences of legitimate artists). The dark green output on the black screen may annoy some, although I found it quite comfortable to read off for the majority of the time.

Is it going to way your bag down?

In short, no. This tablet is so light that most of the time you will not even notice it in your bag. It slides seamlessly into the laptop pocket of the bag or even some of the front pockets. Due to the attachable pen, taking this LCD tablet out of the bag and writing is a fluid process that only takes a maximum of 20 seconds. This LCD tablet is perfect to take to school, work, meetings or simply just to have as something to write on if paper does not suffice for the task.

How long will the battery last?

The battery lasts up to 2 years, which is quite a long time. However, even if you do encounter the issue that the table runs out of battery, it is very easy to replace the button cell battery. Therefore, battery life should not be a concern at all for the tablet.

The LCD Writing tablet is perfect for a student

Applications of the Tablet

  • Go paperless! Perfect for designers, engineers, students, teachers, or doctors
  • In the Kitchen, as a family message board or notepad
  • Perfect for mathematical problem solving, as it can be cleared after each problem
  • Allows deaf people to communicate through the use of writing
  • For Artists to sketch quick designs (tattoo sketches to planning for a larger art piece)


  • Attachable Pen
  • Easy to clear screen
  • Lightweight
  • Wide variety of colours
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Cheap


  • Have to clear the whole screen instead of clearing just one part
  • The colour of the writing may annoy some people

If you are interested in checking out the LCD Writing Tablet, CLICK HERE.

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