iPhone Battery Case For 2020

Recently, I was surfing through AliExpress, when I noticed a rather unique product that I hadn’t ever seen before. That product was a battery case for my iPhone – but what really caught my attention was a simplistic feature that took away the only real downside of a battery case. The weight.

The Magic

The case is detachable! How no one had thought of this, especially now that wireless charging is such a big thing, baffled me. I had just got my iPhone XS Max at that point (which I love and still use today), so having the choice of extra battery was extremely useful if I was going to a festival, on a trip or simply when I was going to be out for the majority of the day. All I would do is if I was going out normally I’d have the generic black case on with the magnet in. If I was low on battery I would just attach the magnetic wireless charger that I was keeping in my bag!


The case is very well designed. Despite the fact that it is quite heavy, the base of the case which you constantly have on feels very secure. The back has a matte texture that makes the case very grippy and feels nice to hold. One minor issue I have faced over the course of time is that the back scratched up quite easily, although this become unnoticeable and was only a minor inconvenience.

With regards to the wireless battery part of the case, the battery pack has some elegant curvature it. These curves allow it to easily slide into any pocket. This also meant it was quite slippery, but the added weight meant that I had no worries about it falling out of a pocket. Moreover, in the back of the battery pack (the part facing away from the phone), the case sports a very handy LCD screen where you can see the battery percentage on the case. This is one of the best features. When charging the case – which you do with a normal Apple Lightning Cable – the percentage Icon flashes continuously which lets you know it’s charging. As well as the percentage going up obviously…

Added Battery Life

The battery life on the case was pretty good considering the weight. It added around 70% battery to the iPhone XS Max. This meant that it would last significantly longer. Having used the Apple Smart Battery Case in the past, I thought the battery added roughly the same – if not slightly more. Sorry Apple.

Easy To Travel With

I already mentioned the weight – but if you are going to be travelling frequently, then you will likely not even notice the additional weight in your bag. Since the case is technically a detachable power bank, there are also no issues about taking it on the plane when you travel.


This case has got to be one of the best purchases I have made on AliExpress. I use it almost every day and it has been a lifesaver in many situations. By far, the ability to remove the battery pack, is the best feature. How no one has come up with this before is totally beyond me. The convenience of power, but not at the expense of the user. Brilliant. Utterly brilliant. If you are in the market for a new cheap battery case at a meagre $30, then it’s definitely worth checking out. If you are interested in looking or perhaps purchasing this case, see here: Magnetic iPhone Battery Case

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