Is your IPTV not working?

Recently, at least in more developed countries, many Internet providers are starting to crackdown on IPTV providers. They do this by blocking the portals that the IPTV providers connect through. This is extremely common in places such as the UK and the US, as well as Canada as far as I am aware. However, this doesn’t happen in all locations (such as in the Netherlands where barely anything is blocked as of now…).


While this can be distressing, there are a number of ways that you can prevent this happening to you – as no one wants their IPTV suddenly blocked by their IP.

These two ways include:

  1. Using a highly recommended VPN
  2. Using a Trusted but unknown IPTV provider (rather than one of the popular ones – this is easier and cheaper)


Virtual Private network, which one is the best for IPTV. IPTV VPN. How to fix IPTV.

By utilising a VPN essentially you can mask your location and make it appear that you are somewhere that you are not. For example, recently in the UK, IPs have begun blocking IPTV providers on Premier League Football/Soccer match days (Saturdays at 3pm UK time). Therefore, the only way around it is to appear as though you are NOT in the UK. Hence, by appearing to your IP that you are somewhere that doesn’t block IPTV providers (e.g. The Netherlands), then you will be able to stream easily.


The two VPN Providers I would recommend are:

  1. Express VPN (More expensive but probably the highest quality VPN currently available).
  2. Nord VPN (Plenty of servers and extremely cheap if you get the 3 year deal)

These two services are both very good and you can check them up on your own accord and look at trusted reviews to choose one that suits your IPTV needs and your other needs, such as your budget.


Cheap IPTV, that is trusted and reliable and won't get shut down....

If you use local IPTV providers such as in the UK then it is quite likely that the government could find the servers and shut them down – especially in some cases where around half a million people are using the service (around 5.5% of US Households have IPTV). This is why it is best to use a reliable but unknown IPTV provider. Check this other blog post on my site for more information explaining IPTV.

Overall, I hope this has fixed your issues and if you want me to answer any personal questions, just comment below and also let me know if you guys are liking this IPTV content!

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