Best IPTV Box For Sports

When people start looking at IPTV one of the main things we get asked is “what’s the best IPTV Box for sports?”. This is due to the fact that firstly not everyone has a Smart TV or pre-existing smart device that allows them to play IPTV, and that most people get IPTV to watch sports.

Best IPTV Box for Sports

Accessing specific channels from certain countries can prove somewhat difficult, due to the necessary satellite connections that are needed – and these issues solved by IPTV, as it works with just an internet connection. Choosing how to access these channels is a difficult process and many people then get confused as to where to go from here. This is what I’m going to help you with!


Firstly, you need to choose a box or stick that is capable of streaming your content. Personally I use a Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K to stream my Sports IPTV. The availability of apps also makes it easy to access other features that you may regularly use including watching movies and tv shows!

The best IPTV box for Sports
Xiaomi Mi Box S

The box also enables you to use the latest software of Android which is an added bonus – as many of the cheap boxes that you buy end up getting stuck on an older version of Android. Many boxes I have seen are still using Android 6.0 (when currently the up to date boxes are using Android 9.0). Choosing a good tv box is a key part of the battle you face when choosing an IPTV box for sports, as a lot of the time the box is not just used for sports – it will be used for Netflix, VPNs (for ITV or BBC hub) and other movies or tv show applications. It is honestly worth splurging a small bit extra (only around $55) in order to save you the stress of an incredibly slow android tv box, whcih will undoubtedly stress you out. TRUST ME I’ve been there!

However, if you want a slightly cheaper box that also stays up to date with the latest Android software (currently Android 9.0) for a cheaper price then I have heard that the H96 MAX box is also very good. It has 4GB RAM which means that it will also be able to handle all of the RAM intensive processes that you would be using (like IPTV). Since this has Android 9.0 as well you will also be able to use all of the same applications as you would use on the Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K.

Image of H96 Max Android Box for IPTV for Sports
Image of H96 MAX Android Box

However, the truth is that either box will likely do what you want – which is mainly watch sports and occasionally some movie and tv show watching. You should get a box like the Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K in my opinion.

Now…. What use is all of this if you don’t have a good IPTV provider for sports. Sometimes this can be the most complicated part – and a lot of the time you need 2 things:

  1. A good IPTV Provider (this is for you to find and do your due diligence on).
  2. Fast Wifi (60mbps+ – ideally the more the better)

You want to find an IPTV provider that is from a trusted website, is relatively cheap and provides access to all of the channels that you require, as most people have clear preferences for specific channels (usually related to their country of origin). If possible, you should look for IPTV providers that offer backups of the key channels, in the event that the main stream goes down for some reason (main one will usually be HD and the backup is of SD quality). In some cases you may see VOD mentioned, if you don’t know what VOD means, it means “Video on Demand” – this refers to the access to Movies and TV shows as part of the service too. Also, if you are unsure how to install IPTV Providers see here.

Smart IPTV and best IPTV Provider and Box for sports

While having a service like this is perfect as I can attest to the fact that it is EXTREMELY reliable – only ever experienced down time twice in 6 months now and neither for longer than 1 hour – this is expected when you switch to IPTV (especially at a lower cost like this). Although, you should always have a backup too – in whcih case I sugegst you install two things:

  1. Live Player app from android store (with the logo shown below)
  2. Kodi with the SportsDevil addon
Alternative to IPTV provider for Android Box
This is the Live Player Logo

This app can truly be a life saver as it means that you are able to access matches and tv channels completely for free and the quality will certainly be lower than with IPTV but it is a fabulous backup. It works by using the search bar and simply searching the name of your team that is currently playiong (or sometimes channel) and the game will likely come up for you to click on and watch at your own leisure. You should also install sportsdevil for Kodi. Sportsdevil is an addon that you install into Kodi (the media streaming application) and is a bit of a stalwart in sports streaming. If you are interested in tutorials on how to do this please leave it in a comment below (as well as anything else you want me to write about and answer questions on).

SportsDevil for Kodi Addon - perfect alternative to streaming IPTV.

Overall, if you incorporate all of this together you should have a powerful box that will allow you to never miss the sports matches, allow you to watch Movies and TV shows with ease and be able to enjoy an all round entertainment experience (all as long as your wifi is working). Hence in conclusion, I suggest that you get a Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K, that will allow you to get this IPTV Provider (high quality and cheap), and install Live Player app and SportsDevil into Kodi. Lastly, you should install any other movies and streaming apps which yout hink could be of use to you (Netflix, Spotify, BBC Iplayer, etc.).


Note: To use IPTV providers in some countries to watch sports (notably the UK) you will also need a fast and reliable VPN. As on days where premier league football is showing, the IPs (Internet Providers) will block your IPTV streaming service. Personally, I use ExpressVPN which is slightly more expensive – however there is extremely minimal drops in speed and since it is a quality service they even allow me to access some servcies which have started blocking VPNs.


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