iPad Pro 12.9 Inch 3rd Generation – Honest Review

Sorry it’s been a long time since my last post but should be more consistent again now! This new iPad almost screens perfection (I couldn’t resist such an awful pun!)

Okay lets dive straight in:


I have to say, this design is truly spectacular. The iPad is extremely light without a case and very easy to hold in one hand despite the size. I was slightly worried I wasn’t going to like the box-like sides which appeared somewhat more sharp, however, in reality this adds further to the design. The edges make the iPad seem more minimalistic and easier to grip in the hand. Now the screen. Wow. This screen is stunning. Without the home button it is far easier to interact with the device and feels much more natural (although I am used to using an iPhone XS Max). The display is crisp, bright and probably one of the best displays I’ve ever seen – on either laptop or tablet. This size screen is also PERFECT for Netflix, which I know many of you guys love.

Face ID

Face ID on the iPad is truly wonderful, I was waiting for them to bring this to the iPad successfully. It is snappy and works just like my iPhone. Another cool feature is that if my finger is covering the sensor then it points a little arrow to tell me. I know it’s only a small thing but it’s definitely something that impressed me.

Inputs and outputs

Now, the iPad Pro only has one output – a sole USB-C port shown in the photo below. As someone who uses AirPods this isn’t a huge deal for me – but if you haven’t moved over to the wireless world this could be a big blow. Also it DOESN’T charge with a lightning cable which is somewhat annoying as it means we have ANOTHER cable. Oh well that’s life I guess. Although, the usb-C is the same lead that charges the newer MacBooks – so if you have one of these it will cut down your leads. Other benefits include the fact that you can plug in adapters and then attach SD cards or other usb sticks. Overall, this is one area that is frustrating as there is no headphone jack or lightning port but in all honesty, we are just moving into a new more modern world.



Though not easily visible in the photo above, the huge speakers on this device are at the bottom and BOY do they pack a punch. The speakers will fill the room and while I’m obviously not saying it’s going to replace your music speaker, for watching YouTube videos or movies it’s great. The sound quality is crisp and the speakers won’t disappoint you.


This iPad Pro is extremely fast and if you run the geek bench score it comes out around ~18,000 for the multi-core score. This is faster than many of the laptops I have used by a long way and that is evident from using the device. The lag is virtually non-existent when using it and the iPad responds so fast.


I’m going to be straight with you – I was quite worried about usability due to the size of the iPad, but the truth is usability isn’t hindered at all. It could be the way I use it for notes and typing up documents as well as checking my emails – but having that large screen real estate is a life saver. I can easily split up the screen and have multiple apps open without me not being able to see them (like on my iPad mini). Most of the main apps seem to be compatible but occasionally you get that issue where the app isn’t formatted correctly, which is common with new phones – it just takes time for developers to update.


I have to say, I think accessories are key to this device. The Apple Pencil and some sort of keyboard case, are two things that are essential to get as close to the laptop experience as possible. The pencil now wirelessly charges on top of the device (THANK YOU Apple! Much better than having it looking stupid sticking out the end). This pencil works beautifully and writing on apps like OneNote is a breeze. It also has a useful double tap feature to change between tools (e.g. pen and eraser) which I used often. Furthermore, the keyboard case is a must if you are going to be writing documents of any kind I think. Perhaps this was a personal preference but I really wasn’t a fan of the on screen keyboard as it seemed to take up a lot of screen space. Having the keyboard allows you to see the screens true beauty.



Overall the iPad Pro 12.9 inch is a fabulous device that is stunning, fast and elegantly designed. However, this is till just an iPad. So if you truly want the functionality of a laptop (anything more than movies, document editing, emails, spreadsheet editing, apps and reading) then this probably isn’t for you as it is NOT like a Surface Pro (check out my review here if you wanted to see why the Surface Pro perfects the balance of a tablet and laptop). Although, it is a brilliant device and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves iPads and doesn’t really need a laptop!

What other things do you guys want me to review? Leave a comment below! If you’re interested where I got my cheap prices for the iPad Pro and its accessories you can check it out here on Amazon:

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