Must have accessories for the Apple Watch…. that won’t break the bank!


Now the Apple Watch is a superb piece of tech – even though it’s quite a pricey gadget. The fact that you can get notifications on the go, order Uber’s, add your schedule, use it as a personal trainer and do many crazy other things from a Watch is truly amazing.

However the issues I have faced as an owner and many other people are constantly facing us the sheer price if accessories for the watch. Accessories like watch bands from Apple can run up to $75 or even more in some cases like with the Milanese straps. Although, these are very nice accessories you can get much of the same for a fraction of the cost over on other stores that are also extremely trusted – like a favourite of mine – AliExpress (essentially the Chinese Amazon if you are new to the blog).

I wanted to share with you my favourite Apple Watch accessories that are available on AliExpress that do perfect jobs and make the Apple Watch an even more enjoyable device to own.

1. The wireless charger for Apple Watch, AirPods and an iPhone

This little gadget is the most useful thing I have bought and the fact it is only $25 makes it even sweeter! Perfect and simple, as well as taking away cables – what more could we want.

2. Apple Watch 950mAH wireless key ring charger

This charger is currently on sale for $11 at the time of writing and that is an unbelievable deal (I paid $22 and now wished I’d waited…. always annoying when it happens). This is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch, can be put in a key ring and perfect for trips. The Apple Watch battery only lasts 1 day (I’ve found) so using this is a necessity and makes life that bit easier.

3. Apple Watch bands (literally any of them and much cheaper)

Milanese Loop

This is the band that most Apple users want and don’t want to pay that extortionate price that Apple advertise (100% same guys) and these guys offer the same thing for $3 currently. Absolute steal – just check the reviews.

Apple Watch sports band (Nike Versions)

This is one of my personal favourites as it is just one of those casual bands that you can wear at any time of the day and it looks good (also around $3 currently)

Basic Silicone Strap


Many people love the minimalistic look of this band – personally I think it’s a bit plain but you know what they say – ‘whatever floats your boat!’

Stainless Steel Strap


Finally this band is slightly more expensive at around $10 (still a brilliant deal in my opinion) but it is a beautifully crafted band and looks amazing on your wrist. If you want quality too then this is a lovely band.


As you know and clearly see I love all of my Apple Watch gadgets but some people have different needs and preferences for what they want for their device. So personally I recommend looking at the accessories that interest you the most and go for those (beware that some of these have a relatively long shipping time – if you don’t mind paying $2 extra you can use e-packet if available and it will be there in less than 2 weeks). If you are like me you will probably end up bulk spending on this site and then it feels like its Christmas every day as all your orders start turning up at once!

What are your favourite Apple Watch accessories? And what kind of articles do you love reading the most? Comment below 🙂

This page does contain some affiliate links and I may earn a small commission if you buy from them – want to always be open.

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