What good are e-books? How to make some money with them and why you should love them!

Now, writing ebooks is a relatively new concept at least for many people. Many people still enjoy the freedom of a hard or soft cover book that they can hold in their hands and flick through – and let me make that clear that its absolutely fine to do that! Everyone has their own preference and I COMPLETELY respect that.

However, many people don’t understand that there are different types of ebooks and that there are some common misconceptions. Firstly we have two types of ebooks:

  • Fiction Ebooks
  • Non-Fiction Ebooks

Now both of these types of books have been around for centuries but the way in which they are written online is changing. Nowadays you can order a book on the amazon store and it will be virtually delivered to that device in seconds. It also means that on a tiny device you are able to have a huge variety of books at your fingertips. That’s amazing for travelling. Perfectly impossible about 60 years ago.

Moreover, while being able to download these books is amazing many people don’t realise that have the beautiful and unique opportunity to be on the other side of the table! You could be the one selling that ebook.

Now with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP as many people know it) you can publish your own books that you have written at home and sell them on the store for people to buy. One misconception is that if you write an ebook that you need to have a massive 600 page book to sell, but you definitely do not! Especially if it is a non-fiction book! Let me be brutally honest with you – most people would prefer to read a 30-50 page book rather than read about waffle for 100s of pages.

Never forget that people’s time is valuable.

On websites like Kindle Direct Publishing you can make a lot of money and it is passive. This is the best part about selling ebooks as you will be able to sell books and earn money while you sleep. I recommend that you sell your ebook for between $1.99 and $9.99 as then you get to take home a nice 70% commission from each sale. Some people are nervous about starting kindle publishing (or ebook publishing in general) and I was one of those people. So I went and took this course to teach me how to start (think it was a $97 fee) but you will earn it back in no time if you carefully follow what this course taught me.

Many of my friends also had a lot of success by taking this other course which helps you write a book in 24 hours and just get you up and selling books as FAST as possible.

Anyways, ebook publishing is a great opportunity in 2019 and is definitely over looked by many people – cause using technology to make money online is easier than ever right now! Speak to you soon!

P.S. Also currently testing out a new piece of software that writes ebooks for you….. it’s called Sqribble. It’s looking very promising right now and I’ll let you know what some of the books look like when I do the review (looking sharp at the moment!) – see you soon TechTrusters.

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