How to use technology to learn anything!


In the modern era we don’t have the issue of having to find the right book to learn something or having to go out and find a specific person to teach us a skill.

In the past we were unable to have the power of the internet at our fingertips. Unable to type in a question and get an answer. But now we can….. to literally ANYTHING.

Recently, I’ve been using what are known as online courses to learn things. The beauty with these platforms is that you can learn anything. From making money, to art, to any school subjects or even university tutoring. It is very likely you can find it.

Using a both Skillshare and udemy you are able to learn comprehensive material and develop many skills which effectively can increase your “personal value”. It can make you better and more efficient at parts of your job or even just improve things like confidence and public speaking (which are very common issues).

I recommend starting with Skillshare because it works on a subscription basis – and I’ve managed to get you all a deal where you can try it for two months free to see if you like it (and cancel if you don’t). The beauty of this is that there is no limitation to classes you can take and learn from – whereas with Udemy for many of the classes you pay a one time fee.

After the two months, I think Skillshare is about $15 a month, which isn’t a huge outlay but it may be significant to some people. This is why I recommend using Skillshare first, and I can guarantee that you will develop some extremely useful skills or start to learn brand new skills that you never had the confidence to try.

The majority of people use both Skillshare and udemy anyway so it’s whatever model works best for you. Udemy works on a one time fee basis but constantly has sales of courses that are $12.99, whereas Skillshare allows you to watch as many courses as you like for effectively the same price.

If you are interested in developing skills and generally becoming a more skillful person check out Skillshare here!

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