5 reasons why SkillShare is a great learning platform + FREE Bonus

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Recently I have been experimenting with Skillshare and have created a few classes (for example this one) – since I love you guys so much, the fact that I am teaching has allowed me to give away 2 FREE MONTHS of Skillshare premium which will allow you to access an unlimited amount of classes.

It is marketed as “a learning community for creators and makers,” Skillshare is a learning platform that welcomes both teachers and students alike. Anyone who seeks to discover new skills and competencies across five categories (Creative Arts, Culinary Arts, Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle, and Technology) or enhance the skills he or she already has is welcome to join, at a frankly minimal cost.

Now, if your interests lie more on the teaching side of things, Skillshare just might be for you, too, as it allows you to become a teacher and upload your own courses completely for free. Through Skillshare, you can earn money while indulging your passion for teaching – which may or may not be for you.

What makes it so different from other learning platforms, you ask?

1. Skillshare is driven by creativity and a desire to learn – and teach – ANYTHING.

Skillshare’s mission statement is “to unlock the world’s creativity.” The platform is designed to enable creatives from all over the world to use their talents and skills in a manner that not only earns them money, but also benefits people seeking to learn.

Skillshare equips educators with the ability to share their knowledge to much wider audience. Gone are the physical barriers that typically stand in the way of effective education. In its place is a secure and reliable platform for learning that provides educators with the tools they need to be able to share their knowledge effectively.

When you choose any of the five aforementioned Skillshare categories, you can further drill down to a specific course that you want to master. And believe me, there is a wide selection of specialized topics that you can choose from.

Want to brush up on your programming skills? Find the appropriate course under the Technology category. Looking to impress your friends and loved ones with your expert cooking skills at your next family gathering? Take one of the numerous courses under the Culinary Arts category.

The possibilities for learning new skills are endless with Skillshare. Endless, and ever-expanding.

2. Skillshare is incredibly easy to navigate (and incredibly affordable).

My experience with other learning platforms has sometimes lead to puzzlement and a bit of frustration. Some are difficult to navigate, while others are designed in a way that just looks confusing.

Skillshare understands that the user experience matters. This is why the Skillshare site allows you to browse through courses and teacher profiles with ease, enabling you to find exactly what you want and need.

The classes are well-designed and offered at a relatively cheap price. All you need to do to access all the courses on the platform is to subscribe to Skillshare. At $10 a month, that’s quite a bargain!

3. With Skillshare, you know you’re getting only the best in education.

While everyone can theoretically teach on Skillshare, Skillshare has measures to ensure that the people teaching via the platform are qualified.

Particularly with the platform’s premium courses, Skillshare hosts lessons from industry leaders, creators, and subject matter experts. How does Skillshare ensure this? By keeping track of how reputable and reliable the teacher is via an online rating system.

Each class page allows the student to check relevant information about their teacher (such as the average rating for trust and reputation and so on). The teachers’ profile pages also offer a glimpse at how long they’ve been in this line of work.

If you’re a website owner who is seeking to increase his or her web traffic, you’ll find that planning to use the platform to teach will greatly benefit you. You’ll definitely enjoy the significant traffic boost that your affiliation with Skillshare and your courses will bring to your website (I know I did!), and you’ll also be able to build your mailing list with more email addresses of Skillshare students.

4. Skillshare is a business with a heart.

If the above points aren’t enough to convince you, this might be. Part of the proceeds collected for some of the classes on the Skillshare platform actually go to charities.

You can learn AND help our brothers and sisters in need with Skillshare. The platform does tie-ups with teachers, designing special classes to provide assistance to non-profit organizations who are in need of financial support.

5. Premium membership is well worth the price of admission.

And now, we move on to the top reason: the Premium Membership option.

Being a Premium Member will grant you UNLIMITED access to all Skillshare classes, on top of additional special features, like being able to view the courses offline (no internet). Premium membership also opens the floodgates to even more new and exciting educational content – which is growing consistently.

I’m teaching on Skillshare, and I’m finding that I enjoy watching some of the courses there myself! Like I said, it’s never too late to learn. And with Skillshare, learning is never too difficult or complicated.

In fact, I feel so strongly about Skillshare’s Premium Membership that I want you to experience it and see for yourself why I’m so sold on the concept. Sign up for Skillshare Premium Enrolment by clicking this link, and you’ll get a special bonus: 2 months of free Premium membership, completely on the house! I will also show you how to save money in this course I’ve published – which will basically pay for my course. You can try the courses and learn as much as you can, at no additional cost.

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